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If you're like most of my clients, you probably feel frustrated about effectively communicating your messages to the marketplace and to your constituents. Or maybe you've heard that authoring a book is a powerful way for you to build your personal brand awareness and establish yourself as an expert, but you don’t know where to start.

Personal branding is the new utopia of marketing. Superior skills, great resources, and inside knowledge are now prerequisites for achieving the level of "good" in today's competitive marketplace. But I don't think you want to just be "good," and I suspect you would like to be even better than "great." Most high achievers today strive for the level of mastery!

Most business professionals have neither the time nor the expertise to wordsmith articles, write compelling messages tailored to the target trade journals, or write books suitable for publication. As a result, their written messages often lack focus and precision, therefore bruising their personal brand credibility.

Does your business success count on a strong reputation and personal credibility? If so, you should write a book. While your competitors are handing out tired old business cards to their prospects, you’ll be handing out books with your name and your face on the cover, and you’ll be winning new clients quicker and easier than ever before.

When the local TV and radio news reporters need an expert comment, do they call on you? If not, you should author a book and establish yourself as the obvious expert.

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Personal Writing Services

Nonie helps business leaders and entrepreneurs create killer books and communications that make them top of mind in the marketplace.... whether they have an aversion  to "writing,"  don't  don't have the skills, or just do not have the time to do it right.

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How well do you communicate your message to the marketplace?

Are you wondering how to elevate your brand?

I make you look great!

I can help you write your book for advancing your personal brand and helping you establish yourself as a leader in your industry. I will put your story into words so it best highlights your expertise, your credibility, and your heart.

As a ghostwriter, I help my clients create and crystallize their written messages. My clients use my confidential ghostwriting and editing services for:

  • Articles for publication in magazines or newspapers
  • Books and workbooks
  • Editing

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